Koupit Weight plates 30mm u evropské jedničky v domácím fitness

Fitshop důkladně testuje každý fitness stroj. Posléze náš tým, skládající se ze sportovních vědců, výkonných sportovců a servisních techniků s dlouholetými zkušenostmi, hodnotí výrobky v různých kategoriích. Díky testovacímu posudku od společnosti Fitshop můžete snadno porovnávat výrobky a najít si správný stroj pro trénink.

Weight plates 30mm for strength training at home

Weight plates of 30mm hole fit to 30 mm bars and some multi-gyms for strength training at home. You need weight plates, i.e., for free weight training, as weight resistance for some multi-gyms or as accessory for aerobic bars and bodypump sets. We offer you many different weights: from 0.5 kg weight plates up to 25 kg. Weight training is one of the most effective training methods to build strength, shape the body, and to stay in shape.

Weight plates 30 mm: simply versatile

Weight plates of 30 mm are very similar at a first glance. Though there are some important differences. Besides size and weight, the material is important. There are sturdy weights made of cast iron. These look rather robust and are mainly suitable for "iron eaters". Chrome weight plates look more precious due to their coating. This protects from corrosion. The rubberized version is encased. This protects from shocks and scratches. Grip holes provide more comfort. Plates are quickly tstored and easy to grasp.

The world first at Fitshop: weight plate made of PVC

Find a world first in our weights online shop: full-PVC weight plates. This innovative weight of Fitshop copes without metal. This has several advantages: it is very shockproof. It saves the floor. It looks great. In case aweight falls down, floor and weight plate are not damaged.

Any other things for strength training at home: here in our online shop

Find any other equipment in our online shop which is required for effective weight training. Bars — long and short —, collars, racks as well as diverse stands, and weight benches. Furthermore, we can make some great offers for you. We have compiled dumbbell and barbell sets including plates and bars for you. We offer additional weights for Bodypump and aerobic dumbbell sets. Get perfectly equipped for your strength training room at home.
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