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Triceps builder - for strong upper arms

When you want to do something for the thickness of your upper arms, purchase a triceps trainer. It is time to do away with an old fitness myth - because the muscle, which increases the quickest your arm thickness, is not the biceps but the triceps.

Why does triceps training bring significant successes ?

The triceps has a much bigger muscle mass than the biceps - triceps brings quicker visible growth in arm muscles. The triceps produces almost two thirds of the upper arm girt, the biceps only one third. In addition, a well-marked triceps pushes the biceps outwards and makes it more visible.

We recommend to purchase a triceps trainer for a special triceps training. Strength training exercises for the triceps can be done much more effectively by means of a triceps trainer. Triceps trainers, also called triceps builders, offer you several ergonomic advantages compared to other bars.

The triceps builder - for more than just triceps training

The triceps trainer can be used for exercising the triceps but also for exercising the biceps. When you want to do biceps exercises with a triceps builder, do hammer curls. Here, the wrist is vertically aligned, the thumb shows upwards while exercising.

This exercise does not only demands the biceps but also the brachialis, a muscle located between biceps and triceps. Your upper arms gain in thickness and strength by exercising this muscle.

A triceps builder is suitable for triceps and biceps workouts - a real arm builder. When you want to purchase a triceps trainer, you can choose between those of 30 mm and those of 50 mm. The indication in mm refers to the thickness of the holding fixture of weights.

Our purchase tip for pros:

A 50mm pro triceps builder offers a higher stability and a longer holding fixture of weights, so that more weight plates can be mounted. Furthermore, the own weight of such a triceps builder is about 10 kg. It is only 7 kg for one with a 30 mm holding fixture.
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