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Tacx is the leading company for roller trainers. The Dutch company owes its market-leading position above all to its unconditional passion for cycling. No wonder, then, that "tacxing" is a common term for authentic home training among cyclists around the world. Tacx roller trainers are reliable workout partners for professionals, amateurs, and recreational cyclists who want to complete their fitness programme at home during the winter months and in bad weather. Even cycling champions like Tom Boonen owe their top form to the Tacx roller trainer. No matter what sport you do, Tacx roller trainers suit everyone and inspire you to go beyond your limits. An extensive range of accessories makes it easier for cyclists to train at the perfect level.
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Tacx roller trainers for professionals and recreational cyclists

Tacx's extra powerful home trainers are the perfect option for professional athletes who want to train at a high level and with scientific precision anytime, anywhere. Mountain bikers, cross-country riders, track riders, and triathletes use the roller trainers for pre-race warm-ups, to improve coordination and technique, and for time trials. Specific training sessions that can be done at home in case of bad weather ensure optimal preparation for competitions. But athletes from other disciplines, too, do not do without their Tacx roller trainer. With the models Blue, Matic, and Twist, Tacx has roller trainers for everyone in the product range. They are just right for recreational athletes who exercise regularly or occasionally.

Tacx: a company with drive

The company Tacx started in 1957 as a small, local bike store in Wassenaar, the Netherlands, and has grown to this day into an innovative company with an unconditional passion for cycling. Founder Koos Tacx has managed to turn the Tacx name into an international quality brand. Tacx's particular strength is that the company produces virtually all of its products in house. Tacx employs over 120 people and delivers to 80 countries around the world. Typical for the Dutch company is the ambition to improve everything time and again. The result: high quality standards and constantly new innovations, such as the Tacx Smart Trainers: the interactive home trainers communicate via ANT+ and Bluetooth and can be connected to tablets, smartphones, and more. Tacx Trainer software for a PC can also be used through an upgrade.

Innovation from Tacx: Trainer Software 4 Advanced

Tacx is the leading company for entertaining cycling in virtual worlds. Now, the company has reached a new milestone in the further development of "virtual reality": with the ultra-modern Tacx Trainer Software 4 Advanced, you will ride virtual worlds during your workout on the Tacx roller trainer that seem more real than reality itself – an overwhelming riding experience! Within your own four walls, you will conquer the most charming and challenging bike spots in the world with your bike. Train in the mountainous terrains of Italy or push yourself to your limits in the stunning natural landscapes and metropolises of America. Realistic game elements such as lifelike interactions with 3D cyclists, light, and soundscapes complete the realistic racing experience. With a Tacx Real Life DVD, you will take part in legendary races like the Tour de France – training at home cannot be any more exciting!
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