Iron Gym

Get strong...get ripped...quick!
Iron Gym stands for space-saving and varied strength training at home. Iron Gym pull-up bars are small, multifunctional power stations for a professional and simple upper-body workout. On just one device, you perform all the exercises you need to develop a strong upper body. The door bar can be attached to a door frame without drilling. That way, you can work out your upper body, keep fit, and define your muscles even in the smallest space. Thanks to a variety of grip options, working out with Iron Gym is guaranteed not to get boring! With the Extension Bar, the Iron Gym pull-up bar has a secure hold even in wider door frames.

With a small but fine range of accessories, Iron Gym has expanded its product range around strength training@home: at Sport-Tiedje's online shop, you can get push-up grips to build up the chest and arm muscles along with wrist supports, forearm trainers, and abdominal belts for an intensive abdominal workout on the pull-up bar.
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Iron Gym: strength training with your own body weight

Iron Gym uses your body's resistance to deliver powerful results fast. After all, training with your own body weight not only saves space but is also extremely effective. With Iron Gym, you work out the entire upper body: you strengthen and tone biceps, triceps, and chest, back, shoulder, and abdominal muscles. Not only muscle building but also strength and especially coordination are promoted by bodyweight exercises – for an all-round stronger body.

Extreme versatility when training with Iron Gym

The multifunctional door bar by Iron Gym can be used not only for pull-ups: numerous strength exercises with your own body weight can be performed with the pull-up bar and enrich your training options. In combination with Iron Gym accessories, you can even do a very effective abdominal workout.

The Iron Gym Training Academy

To help you actually reach your fitness goals, Iron Gym provides workout videos at the Training Academy for even more strength training inspiration. For those who work out with Iron Gym fitness equipment, there are valuable tips there to make their workout at home especially effective. A personal trainer introduces the varied exercises on the Iron Gym pull-up bar.
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