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abscompany specialises in the development and production of innovative and high-quality fitness equipment for abdominal workouts, both for commercial use at fitness studios and for private use. When manufacturing its products, abscompany makes a point of ensuring that they are not only particularly effective but also really user-friendly and guarantee long-lasting workout fun. The perfect combination of ergonomic design and advanced technology places abscompany fitness equipment among the most popular of its kind with fitness beginners and professional athletes alike. With its innovative products, abscompany provides users around the world with the ideal complement to cardio and strength training to sustainably strengthen abdominal and core muscles.
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abscompany fitness equipment: inventiveness and experience as a guarantee for success

The demand of abdominal training is greater today than ever - a fact to which abscompany has contributed in a big way. Founded in 2006, the American company now sells its products in over 40 countries, giving it a presence at over 10,000 fitness studios worldwide. As long-time fitness studio operators, professional personal trainers, and successful product designers, abscompany's founders have over 100 years of combined experience in the fitness industry. With that profound knowledge comes a sensitivity to the needs of people to strengthen their bodies holistically and to equip themselves for the strains of everyday life, competition, or old age. Core trainers like the Ab Coaster by abscompany are among the best and most successful on the market today.

With high-performance products by abscompany to a six-pack

As the operator of a small fitness studio chain, Don Brown, one of the founders of abscompany, cared strongly about helping his customers make their ab workouts even cleaner and without any unnecessary strain on their necks and backs. With the Ab Coaster series available at our shop, Don Brown not only put that goal into practice in an impressive way but also set new standards in the fitness industry. Thanks to its effectiveness, sturdy construction, and modern look, abscompany fitness equipment has won a number of awards, including the prestigious FIBO Innovation Award.
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